I met Tristan through a mutual friend. At the time he had just proposed to Shannon his longtime partner in crime of all the nerdy endeavors he had been a part of. Tristan's a BIG Dr. Who buff (he literally has a tattoo of David Tenant's autograph) and he asked if I would like to shoot a Save the Day shoot with a Dr. Who theme and that his friend had a TARDIS that we can use as a prop. I was expecting to see a miniature TARDIS, but was I proven wrong. You can check out that gallery here

Back to the wedding, needless to say it was Dr. Who themed. All the bridesmaids were dressed as honorary TARDIS's and guess who made a guest appearance? The real TARDIS.  The wedding was held at the beautiful Orchard View (http://www.orchardview.ca/) wedding and banquet center in Ottawa. It was an unseasonably warm and sunny day. The decor arranged by Monara Events (https://www.instagram.com/monaraevents) matched with the couple's theme perfectly.