I've never been to a wedding at a library before, that is until Suraj and Aleysha came along and asked us to immortalize their wedding at the Toronto Reference Library.

One thing Marcellino and I noticed from the first instance we met was the incredible chemistry that these two high-school sweethearts exhibited. They were very flirtatious, laughing at inside jokes, and genuinely complimented one another to a degree that made me envious. Their engagement shoot was a blast from the (recent) past. We snuck (graciously let in by some friendly staff) into their high school and did an 80's retro shoot

I get carried away a lot, back to the wedding day. The girls were getting ready at the luxurious Park Hyatt Toronto. We had quite a lot of natural lighting which was very useful in capturing Aleysha's generous smile and gracious features while she was getting done up. The gentlemen were getting ready at Suraj's parents house in Scarborough. We managed to get some pictures of the wedding party in before the simple ceremony. 

A special request from the couple was that we capture their 'high five' after they've been declared man and wife. This was the high-five to end all the high-fives they've shared across their romance and I only hope I could do justice for the love that was palpable in their expressions.

The reception was a blast! I'm telling you, people from the islands; they know how to throw a party. After an amazing dinner, a few emotional yet encouraging speeches it was time to dance. And dance they did! It was an amazing privilege for us to be a part of Suraj and Aleysha's special day. We wish them greener pastures in their married life. Keep high-fiving!