I would like to start my blog post from a quote I stole from Ana's Facebook post. "7.5.2017. Kad smo sluzbeno postali porodica.". ("07/05/2017 - When we officially became family"). And yes, it was a beautiful day. The first moment I sat down with this beautiful couple I knew they were special: Ana with her shy demeanor yet a twinkle in her eyes and Rados with his statesman like calm, collective manner. I've always wondered if I'd be able to handle being away from my loved one and these two love birds have given me new hope.

The ceremony and the reception were held at the Carmen's Lakeview (http://carmenslakeview.com/) and the wedding party pictures were taken at the surrounding lakefront area. Ana looked radiant in the same dress that her mother wore for her wedding and Rados, he looked as handsome as ever. 

Icing on the cake (I know I'm horrible at puns) for me was the amazing hues the sky took on to congratulate the newly weds. I should especially thank the couple for letting me steal them for a few minutes to take advantage of the golden sun. 

Congratulations guys, keep smiling! 

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